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For practitioners, therapists, leaders, facilitators, shamans, musicians, authors, coaches and healers – I offer a special service to help you offer the best to your clients. Every energy worker has aspects of themselves that need nourishment, witnessing, and understanding. Refreshment for your soul , recognition of who you really are, and honouring of your uniqueness,  In order to help you when you are working with even the most challenging clients and situations, I am here to provide your backup. As a registered training supervisor in the psychotherapy profession, I also offer expert supervision and mentoring, as there are times when our clients and students bring us reflections of ourselves that need our full attention. 


Discover more of yourself: the journey towards wholeness and increasing integration of our true nature never stops. As you grow, you may have discovered it becomes harder to find people who can hold you, recognise what you are experiencing, or help you through something you may not have any words for.


You’ll need a unique approach, and there’s no fitting you in to a treatment system, but a meeting of souls, a more profound journey of transformation, and essence work to support and nourish any neglected, forgotten or unfulfilled aspects of you in your journey towards wholeness.

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